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3 Tips for Effective B2B SEO Research

3 Tips for Effective B2B SEO Research

February 4, 2016 | By Jan Davis | No Comments

3 Tips for Effective B2B SEO ResearchAs a B2B copywriter, you need to speak the same language as your B2B customers. SEO tools such as Google’s Keyword Tool may not have the information you need for your keyword search. If your keyword search tools don’t have the answers, what do you do?

Simple — go ask the industry these simple questions.

What Words Does Your Industry Use to Describe Your Product or Service?

Many times there’s a difference between industry and consumer lingo. Plus, the benefits for the B2B customer most likely will be different than for the B2C consumer.

For instance, an apple begins its journey in an apple orchard. The orchard sells the apple to a distributor who sells it to the grocery store. The orchard uses the benefits of quick delivery, hardiness, and price. The distributor uses words such as food commodity and price by the ton. The store will change the benefits to nutritional value, freshness, and price by the pound.

As a consumer, are you going to buy a ton of apples? As a B2B apple distributor, are you going to buy apples by the pound? Probably not.

Your SEO content also needs to qualify potential customers. Common words used in both the B2B and B2C industries need to be set apart to attract the right type of buyer.

For instance, nearly every household in the country has a refrigerator. If your client sells commercial refrigerators, adding the word commercial to your keyphrase will attract B2B customers, while weeding out people looking for household refrigerators.

Look in industrial forums, competitor’s sites, magazines, trade shows, and in the news.  Industry terminology can change almost overnight. Staying current is critical to knowing the best keywords for your niche.

What Terminology Do People Use When Inquiring about the Product through Email and Phone Calls? Who Uses Which Terms in Their Inquiry?  

Contact the company’s customer service and sales departments. Anyone within the company who has direct contact with the buyer through email, phone calls, or in person will have helpful knowledge.

Check the company’s website for customer comments and testimonials. What words do people use when they talk about the product or service — and who’s doing the talking?

Different professionals in a company may use different words for the same product or service. You also can learn which benefits each potential buyer is looking for in the product.

Who in the Company Approves or Has Input into the Sale?

In a B2B company, the person inquiring about a product may not be the person who has purchasing authority. Several people within the company may have input into buying a new product. These people may have different criteria and verbiage for the same merchandise. Your content needs to answer concerns from each person with input or buying power.

For instance, a resort looking for a new industrial refrigerator may have a chef inquire about the benefits of the refrigerator. He might look at size, compartments, and voltage. The purchasing department might look at price, shipping costs, purchasing options, and cost to run the new commercial refrigerator. Each of these people in the buying process is looking at the same product, but each one is searching for different information. You should make sure your SEO research includes all potential search terms.

By being aware of those involved in purchasing, you can use the correct keywords to connect your product to the right person.

A Final Test

With your keywords in hand, begin searching online. Are your keywords bringing up similar product or service sites, forums, and information? If so, you’re on the right track.

With your research complete, it’s time to write. As you write each aspect of your B2B copy, keep in mind everyone who may search for your client’s product. By integrating all the relevant keywords and keyphrases, your SEO copy will be much more effective.




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