An Overview of B2B Copywriting

An Overview of B2B Copywriting

February 15, 2016 | By Charlotte S Hicks | No Comments

Getting Started Roadmap: An Overview of B2B CopywritingIn this module, we’re going to look at the different types of B2B clients you’ll encounter and the types of projects they will ask you to work on.

As you’ll see, B2B encompasses a wide range of companies and copywriting projects. Regardless of your prior experience and your current interests, there’s a place for you as a B2B copywriter.

Let’s start by looking at the wide range of B2B companies that hire freelance copywriters …

Types of B2B Companies

How do you define a B2B company?

The easy answer is “any company that sells to other businesses.” And there are hundreds of thousands of them — way more than you’ll ever need to reach your income goals as a copywriter.

B2B companies are:

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