Reality Blog: My 2016 Marketing Plan

Reality Blog: My 2016 Marketing Plan

February 17, 2016 | By John Mullen | 1 Comment

Reality Blog: My 2016 Marketing PlanLast week, I wrote about how I needed to shift my primary focus back to marketing. So I’ve been evaluating my current projects and deciding on a plan of attack. When it comes to marketing, what are the best ways to utilize my time?

As it turns out, all of my projects had at least some basis of marketing behind them. Each one did serve a purpose in the overall scheme of things. But too much of the marketing was indirect, and that’s where I needed to make my changes.

So here it is.

My Marketing Plan, 2016 Edition.

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  • Hi John, thanks for the wonderful ideas for my marketing plan. What really resonated with me was your thoughts on building and managing relationships. So much of what we do as writers hinges on the relationships we build.
    Great article.

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