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Content Marketing at Dell, Inc.

Content Marketing at Dell, Inc.

April 19, 2016 | By B2B Writing Success | 1 Comment

Content Marketing at Dell, Inc. Date: April 22, 2016
Topic: Content Marketing at Dell: An Interview with Kirsten Billhardt
Presenter: Sravani Bhattacharjee

Guest interviewer Sravani Bhattacharjee talks with Kirsten Billhardt, Marketing Manager of the IoT division of Dell about their approach to marketing.

IoT, the Internet of Things, refers to devices connected to the Internet and includes security cameras, thermostats, and robotics. Dell provides infrastructure, analytics, security, and consulting services across a wide range of industries that manufacture and install Internet-connected devices.

On the call you’ll find out:

  • How Dell approaches B2B marketing
  • The foundational type of content that drives their marketing
  • The role of social media influencers
  • How they develop writers
  • And much more…

Get an inside look at how a large corporation uses content marketing to reach their best prospects.

The call recording is posted below:

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One Comment

  • Hmmm! Techie firms such as Dell are going to analyst firms to hire theircopywriters, not to freelancers! Their products are very technical and requires very specific, in-depth, technical understanding. Even their internal employees undergo months of intensive training and have to prove themselves before they are allowed to go out into the public sphere and say something.
    But they are looking for external writers who can be influencers on social media because they have a big fan following and have something interesting to say, or can “challenge” them, or write about one of their products or technologies and amplify their message.
    They seem to be wary of people who do not know enough about their products and technologies, so they don’t start saying things that are wrong or inaccurate or “making things up”.

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