Getting Started Roadmap: Getting Your First Client

Getting Started Roadmap: Getting Your First Client

May 10, 2016 | By Charlotte S Hicks | 1 Comment

Getting Started Roadmap: Getting Your First Copywriting Client

It may be the scariest part of launching your freelance business… getting your first copywriting client.

But remember, every freelance copywriter has had a first client. Every one. Steve Slaunwhite, Bob Bly, and Nick Usborne all had to land their first freelance project.

The good news is, you only have to get a first client once. The second one is easier… and with a good marketing system, getting clients consistently will become routine.

We’ll cover setting up a marketing system in the next module. But don’t wait until you have a full-blown marketing system to pursue getting your first client.

You don’t even need to finish the copywriting program you’re working on or have your website online to go after your first client. Start right now with the tips we’ll cover in this module.

Let’s jump in…

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  • I have for the last 6 months been writing newsletter articles, social media and blog posts for an environmental organisation, and for the last 4 years writing assignments in my Undergraduate degree in Media & Communications. I majored in writing and publishing.

    Since I finished my degree and the work contract, I have become what we might call PARALYSED when it comes to getting more writing work. I am in Australia and feel daunted by applying for freelance work in the US. But I want to!

    So I am setting my goal today to work through this module and apply for freelance work. I know I can write just about anything. My fear is illogical and unfounded. Time to act!

    Thank you.
    Carol Walden

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