Getting Started Roadmap: Productivity Tips

Getting Started Roadmap: Productivity Tips

May 30, 2016 | By Charlotte S Hicks | No Comments

Getting Started Roadmap: Productivity Tips for B2B CopywritersYou may have noticed the title of this article uses the term productivity instead of time management. That’s because you can’t manage time — you can only manage yourself. In contrast, your productivity is something you can control.

Even though productivity is a better term, many people make the mistake of believing the idea is to get more done than anyone else. For much too long, I did too.

Each day, I’d make a long list of tasks to accomplish each day and look back with satisfaction when I’d completed 20… 30… or more tasks a day. Then one day, I realized I wasn’t making the progress I wanted to.

I’d become busy instead of fruitful.

True productivity is getting the tasks done that will move you toward your goals.

Organizing your spices is being busy. Getting dinner prepared is being productive.

As freelance copywriters, we only have two types of time: billable and non-billable. Billable time is our project work for clients. Non-billable time includes administrative tasks like marketing, preparing proposals, sending invoices, and anything else we don’t get paid by a client to do.

While we can’t eliminate non-billable time, our goal should be to minimize it, leaving us more time to work on client projects that generate income. Productivity applies to our billable time too — the more we can get done, the more we’ll make!

As we go through the productivity tips and strategies in this module, remember our objective is to do the tasks that move us toward our goals. Regardless of whether our task at hand is billable or non-billable, the priority is set by what produces the best result for our effort.

Ready? Let’s dive in…

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