Getting Started Roadmap: Your Marketing System

Getting Started Roadmap: Your Marketing System

May 23, 2016 | By Charlotte S Hicks | No Comments

Getting Started Roadmap: Setting Up Your Marketing SystemNow that you’ve landed a client or two, it’s time to set up your marketing system so you have a steady stream of clients for years to come.

You should already have the foundational elements in place: your brand and positioning, your website, and your fee schedule. A few more building blocks and you’ll have a fully functioning system.

As we go through the ways to build your marketing system, keep these three goals in mind:

Goal #1: It must be effective

An effective system will consistently move well-qualified prospects through your funnel while encouraging less desirable ones to self-select out. The best funnel isn’t the one that generates the most traffic — it’s the one that creates the most clients.

Goal #2: It must be efficient

It’s possible to create an 87-step marketing system over every type of media imaginable, but why on earth would you? Keep your system simple so it gets the results you need with the least amount of effort.

Goal #3: It must be consistent

Good marketing is like a snowball rolling downhill — the longer it’s in motion, the more momentum it has. Set up your system to be relentless, working week after week to attract prospects to your business.

With these goals in mind, let’s jump into building our marketing system.

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