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How to Choose a Font for Your Freelance Website

How to Choose a Font for Your Freelance Website

July 11, 2016 | By Julia Borgini | No Comments

How to Choose a Font for Your Freelance WebsiteSetting up your own website is a good start for any freelance writer. Optimizing your website so it works for your business is even better. That’s where choosing a font for your site comes in.

Wait, what? I’ll bet you were expecting me to talk about SEO or website layout, right? Well, that’s part of the equation for a successful website. Another part is the font (or fonts) you choose to use on your website.

Your choice of font can have a significant impact on the success of your freelance writing business. So you want to choose one that looks great and performs well. One that’s easy to read so people aren’t struggling to read your content, they just read it.

Here’s a quick five-step questionnaire that will help you choose the right font for your website.

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