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5 Secret Places to Find B2B SEO Keywords

5 Secret Places to Find B2B SEO Keywords

August 8, 2016 | By Jan Davis | No Comments

5 Secret Places to Find B2B SEO Keywords

Have you given up on SEO keyword search for B2B copywriting? You aren’t alone. After all, when you go to Google or use an SEO tool, the results might be frustrating and inconclusive. Returns like, “Sorry we haven’t found any information related to your request in the database,” or “The relative frequency being extremely low” are enough to think about quitting B2B SEO. But don’t!

What options do you have? You could forget about SEO keyword search completely. Make up words that seem to fit your client’s product or service. Or, take the client’s word for their keyword search. None of these options will give you a good reputation, or ensure your client good results.

Before I learned about a few secret places to find the right B2B keywords, I was frustrated too.

So where did I uncover these secrets?

Well, I went to the “pioneer of SEO copywriting,” and my SEO content go-to person, Heather Lloyd-Martin from the SEO Content Institute.

She understood my frustrations at the lack of information from my SEO tools and the database. In B2B, keyword phrase research can be a little touchy. You might have keyphrases that are highly specific to your industry or site. However, they don’t show up in keyword tools, because not a lot of people are searching for the specific industry’s product.

In the big scheme of the Google database, these specific B2B keywords get little or no attention. This lack of attention returns unhelpful results such as, “There is no data on your keyword search.” This doesn’t mean the keywords aren’t being used to search for the product. After all, people are buying your client’s product or service. Just not enough people are searching to trigger measurable results.

The good news is, Heather gave me five secret places to find the right keyword phrases for B2B clients. Secret, because not everyone is talking about these resources for B2B keyword search. Yet, these sources can be at your fingertips. Here’s what I learned…

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Jan Davis is a freelance B2B content writer and UX copywriter who loves helping companies through great copy and user experiences. Jan publishes at where you’ll find tips about creating good user experiences, business, and content marketing. She lives on a homestead with her family, fur animals, and nature.

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