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Executive Summary: An Inside Look at Podcasting

Executive Summary: An Inside Look at Podcasting

August 22, 2016 | By Nancy Ross Brewer | No Comments

Executive Summary: An Inside Look at PodcastingHopefully, you’ve been enjoying the B2B Writing Success podcast each Tuesday, hosted by Master B2B Copywriter Steve Slaunwhite.

Listen each week as Steve shares tips on B2B copywriting — landing clients — and growing your freelance B2B copywriting business.

He’s recorded weekly episodes since March 2015. They’re available on both iTunes and BWS. (If you’ve missed some episodes, you can find them here.)

Steve likes questions he can answer with a podcast!

Charlotte and Steve thought BWS Platinum Members might like to go “behind-the-scenes” to take a look at how they create the weekly B2B Writing Success podcast.

Listen in to learn:

  • Reasons to consider podcasting
  • Podcast formats
  • How to start a podcast
  • How to market a podcast
  • And much more!

As Steve has explained, “According to Maximize Social Business, podcast listeners are tech savvy, affluent, educated, and regular users of social media.” Maybe your prospect pool is too.

Find out how to capture your audience’s attention through podcasting. Listen to the teleconference here to enjoy this collaborative discussion. Charlotte Hicks Crockett introduced Steve.

Weekly B2B Writing Success Podcasts: A Great Opportunity to Learn from the Master

Steve Slaunwhite is the award-winning B2B Writing Success lead B2B copywriting expert. After 16 years in the business, he’s a master at the art of working with and writing copy for B2B companies — both large and small — in numerous industries.

Many have learned the B2B copywriting craft from one of several AWAI programs Steve’s authored, including: Secrets of Writing High-Performance B2B Copy and the popular Live B2B Companion Series.

He’s been the leader at past B2B Intensives and on the 4 Weeks to B2B Pro Virtual Workshop. Steve’s also been a featured speaker at AWAI’s FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair, where you’ll find him again in 2016.

In short, Steve’s a sought-after teacher, speaker, and the author of well-known books on copywriting. (See his bio here.)

Consider Podcasting for All the Right Reasons

“Podcasts are really popular now.” They’re another way to stay top-of-mind with your target audience. Podcast popularity is growing… since they provide a new way to share and consume information, and they suit today’s busy lifestyles.

You can listen:

  • At the gym
  • While commuting in the car
  • Instead of reading on the beach
  • While walking in the woods
  • “While driving to the cottage” (as one BWS listener told Steve)!

More traditional methods for staying in front of prospects include blogs and e-newsletters. Although still viable, there are millions of blogs and newsletters — that’s really fierce competition for audience attention.

Radio broadcasts are good for general topics, but not so good for “micro topics.” Steve explained, “Most podcasts are created about niche topics; No radio station would touch that kind of programming.”

Today’s mobile technology makes podcasts practical. All you need is a smartphone to listen from anywhere. Some new cars even have “podcast buttons” built into their audio decks, making it easy to subscribe and listen to your favorites.

Pick a Format for Your Podcast — Build an Audience — and Stick to What’s Working

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