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Reality Blog: Keywords? What Keywords?

Reality Blog: Keywords? What Keywords?

August 24, 2016 | By John Mullen | No Comments

Reality Blog: Keywords? What Keywords?

You know how marketing is so much easier for others than it is for yourself?

When I focus on a client’s project, I can assess and evaluate what needs to get done with great clarity. But when it comes to my own marketing, I feel like a great big yahoo. All that careful planning and strategy that goes into client work… is mysteriously absent for myself.

I’m talking about blog posts this week. We’ll call it Exhibit #984, because I feel like I’m getting up there in observations I’d rather not make about myself. (Of course, I applied for this gig, so I guess I got it comin’.)

Anyway, when I write blog posts for my corporate clients, there are always specific keywords I focus on. These are provided by their marketing strategy, or sometimes I research them myself. Occasionally, I might add a few more as I go.

The main goal of a corporate blog is to make the article informative and increase the company’s authority, of course. But SEO concerns are a close second, and in my experience, clients pay close attention to them as well.

The articles themselves do not materialize out of thin air from my creative genius, either. Each one is usually inspired by a specific keyword and has a purpose in both extending authority and “winning” with SEO. I work those keywords into headers when possible and provide good keyword density in the body while keeping the text smooth and conversational.

That all makes sense, right?

I don’t give it a second thought, really. I know it needs to be done and I just do it that way.

But then I look at my Mind and Memory Explorer website.

And I scratch my head.

What have I been doing?

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