Getting Started Roadmap: A Six-Figure Business

Getting Started Roadmap: A Six-Figure Business

September 26, 2016 | By Charlotte S Hicks | No Comments

Getting Started Roadmap: Building a Six-Figure BusinessYou’ve set up your freelance B2B copywriting business and landed your first few clients. Your marketing system is in place, and you’re ready to achieve your goal of a six-figure income so you can live the writer’s life.

First, congratulations! Many people quit before they get this far — but you stuck with it. Now, let’s look at how we take all the hard work you’ve done and accomplish the goals you set in the first module of this Getting Started Roadmap.

Are you ready?

Building a Six-Figure Copywriting Business

If you’re like most new copywriters, your first few clients weren’t at the top of the professional pay scale. That’s okay — the most important thing was getting started.

Now that you’ve proven to yourself that you’re able to land clients and successfully complete a writing project, it’s time to take the next step toward your ultimate income goal as a B2B copywriter.

In this module, we’re going to show you how you can go from where you are to a six-figure copywriting income. Your own personal goal may be more or less — that’s fine! These principles will apply regardless of your income target.

In Module 6 on Pricing Your Services, we explained how to determine your hourly rate. If you skipped that bit, go back now and determine what you need to earn per hour to hit your financial goals.

Got your number? Okay, let’s look at how we’re going to get there.

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