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Reality Blog: Surefire Ways to Lose an Audience

Reality Blog: Surefire Ways to Lose an Audience

October 19, 2016 | By John Mullen | 1 Comment

Reality Blog: Surefire Ways to Lose an AudienceDid you ever set out to lose members of your audience?

No, probably not.

But it happens. And when it does, you need to ask yourself: Was it something I said?

In most cases the answer, like it or not, is a simple: yes.

Sometimes, however, it’s a resounding: YES!

Sometimes you drive your audience away instead of pulling them in.

I see it in my inbox every day.

It’s almost as if these marketers are trying to knock me off their list.

And it’s so annoying because I know what they should be doing instead. I’d give them a call, but they probably wouldn’t listen. After all, they seem to be getting results. They’re supposed to be marketing experts, aren’t they? What do they need my advice for?

To them, it’s all a numbers game.

Build a huge list, throw a lot of stuff at it, and profit on everything that sticks.

So what if you lose half your audience in the process? You’re still growing your list, right?

Sadly, that mentality does work, and many so-called gurus teach it as if it were a best practice. But it’s not a best practice. It’s not even a good practice.

You see, there’s a much better way. Instead of constantly growing your list to replace all the people you cast off and alienate along the way, try strengthening your list. Build relationships.

Get to know your audience.

I’m sure you’ve heard that advice a few times in your copywriting training. And that advice can set you apart, because one thing is clear as I scan through my inbox: these marketers don’t know me. Many of them haven’t even tried.

Here are some of the annoying things I’ve found in my inbox. These are the things that cause me to unsubscribe from lists. These are surefire ways to lose your audience.

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  • Love the way you think. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost interest very suddenly for exactly these reason’s.

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