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Is it Time to Simplify Your Copywriting Business?

Is it Time to Simplify Your Copywriting Business?

November 3, 2016 | By Mac Bull | 1 Comment

Is it Time to Simplify Your Copywriting Business?Should you simplify your copywriting business? If you are finding yourself in a struggle with the day-to-day operations of your business, or if you are just flat-out overwhelmed, then maybe it’s time for a change.

You may need to simplify certain aspects of your business, or maybe dive in deep and do a complete overhaul.

It’s easy to keep adding and adding to your business and then one day realize it’s gotten too complicated. But with a few adjustments, you can have a lean, easy-to-manage business once again.

Let’s look at how you can eliminate the overwhelm.

Ways to Eliminate the Clutter

Clutter can take many shapes and forms. It can be as simple as an unnecessary page on your website. Or it could be non-productive marketing efforts.

Clutter can also be a low-level client that came on early in your career. One that was great at the time, but now doesn’t have the same value as your current pool of other clients. To be clear, they may not be a bad client, just one that is preventing you from pursuing higher-paying clients. Sometimes we need to let go

I have worked with a variety of clients. Although most of them have been good, a few ended up being clients I needed to stop working for.

I had one client who started out fine, but then began to create too much “clutter.” He was doing quite a bit of marketing, but was also all over the place with his thoughts and actions. I was constantly dancing around in his “maze” of ideas and actions. A constant parade of bright, shiny objects added to the mess and confusion.

After I realized how working with this client made my business too complicated, we parted ways. (Thankfully, on good terms.)

Another action I took was to reduce the services I offer to just a few key types of projects. That allowed me to simplify my marketing and focus on what I most enjoy doing.

What About You?

You’ve read about a couple of ways to simplify your business, so now it’s time for you to determine if there is anything you need to eliminate. If you need help, ask a trusted advisor or fellow copywriter to assist you in assessing what should stay and what can go.

Don’t be afraid to experiment. Create a special file for things that you put aside for the time being. Then, down the road, if you realize you should have kept any of those things (in part or in full), you are free to bring it on back with ease. But don’t stop yourself from taking that first step and experimenting.

In Conclusion…

Streamline your business, then reevaluate and if need be, bring some of it back. Or you could even try something brand new and different. From time to time, revisit the issue so you avoid getting overwhelmed again.

If you are just starting out, much of this may not apply to you… YET! But I guarantee that it will matter to you later on. So as best you can, keep it top of mind so that later on, when you do start to feel overwhelmed, you will be able to take effective and immediate action.

Then, you’ll always have a business that works for you!




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  • Practical and doable advice. I’m just starting out. The realization of all I need to know and understand is almost overwhelming. I’m going to put these excellent suggestions to use for my business right away. Thank you!

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