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Key Message Copy Platforms: An Update

Key Message Copy Platforms: An Update

November 22, 2016 | By Casey Demchak | No Comments

casey_demchak-150Date: November 25 2016
Time: 12:00 noon Eastern Time
Topic: Key Message Copy Platforms: An Update
Presenter: Casey Demchak

When Casey Demchak create the Key Message Copy Platform, he knew it would be a helpful tool as a copywriter. But he had no idea how popular they would become with his copywriting clients.

In this update, Casey gives us additional insights he’s gained since creating his program Key Message Copy Platforms: A Unique High-Income Service That Can Skyrocket Your B2B Copywriting Success. (And it’s all good news for us!)

In the interview Casey discusses:

  • The purpose and value of a Key Message Copy Platform
  • How to explain the benefits of a KMCP to your prospect
  • The new pricing Casey recommends for the project

Plus, Casey gives us an update on the Professional Writers’ Alliance.

The video interview will be posted below by noon on November 25.

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