10 Stories Every Company Needs to Tell

10 Stories Every Company Needs to TellRecently, Marcella Allison gave me some wonderful advice on how to help entrepreneurs launch their products, attract venture capitalists and, most importantly, get prospects excited about their business.

“The best thing you can do is get entrepreneurs to tell you their stories. There are all kinds of stories built into what they’re doing,” said Marcella.

As a copywriter, Marcella has mastered the art of spinning stories into sales. In our interview, she gave me a list of 10 specific stories that need to be in place to make a compelling sales pitch, no matter what type of company you’re writing about.

  1. The origin story

A start-up founder should definitely have the story of how they got the idea in the first place — which I would call the origin story. What was it that compelled them to create this thing that hadn’t existed before?

Nobody says, “I’m going to become an entrepreneur! What should I pick as my project?” They usually have an idea or a product or a problem that compels them to leave their job to do this.

For instance, one of the inventors of an innovative CPR manikin saw that many people who died from heart attacks and drowning could have been saved if someone nearby had given them CPR. She set out to create a portable, affordable manikin so more people could be effectively trained in CPR and more lives could be saved.

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