Business Essentials: Ethics and Leadership

Business Essentials: Ethics and Leadership

January 7, 2017 | By Nancy Ross Brewer | 2 Comments

Business Essentials: Ethics, Strategy, and LeadershipHello B2B Writing Success members! It’s Nancy Ross Brewer here to kick off the Business Essentials Roadmap.

One great thing about B2B copywriting is accessibility. Anyone can choose this copywriting path. You don’t need a business degree, or industry work experience. They’re not necessary for copywriting success.

So why read the Business Essentials Roadmap?

Because understanding more about a client’s business could help you deliver your best work. This leads to happier clients, nurtures your confidence, and increases your success!

Use this roadmap as a resource to help you ask better questions. You’ll have healthier client discussions — deliver more targeted content — and generate better ideas for your clients.

Through the modules in this Business Essentials Roadmap, we’ll explore major business disciplines to consider:

  • The scope and essential concepts of the subject area,
  • Key vocabulary,
  • Relevance by company size,
  • Policy clues and company culture, and
  • How copywriters can use this knowledge.

First up, here in Module 1: subjects at the heart of every business: Ethics — Strategy — Management and Leadership.

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  • Nancy, thanks for this article and the insight into the challenges of working with large companies. And I can certainly relate to your point about the ethics of small business reflecting that of the owner. Earlier in my career I worked as a Salesperson for a small software company, and I could feel something wasn’t right. I soon learned that the owner (Dan Duic) was involved in the biggest insider trading scandal in Canadian history. I quit immediately.

    • Thanks for the feedback, Derek. And your “war story” from earlier in your career. “Trust your instincts” is the best rule to follow in business. Cheers! Nancy

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