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Executive Summary: Current Trends in B2B Video

Executive Summary: Current Trends in B2B Video

January 19, 2017 | By Nancy Ross Brewer | No Comments

Executive Summary: Current Trends in B2B VideoB2B video popularity continues to grow. Recently, Charlotte Hicks Crockett interviewed Steve Slaunwhite, who shared an inside look at how B2B companies are using video today in their digital marketing mix.

Steve — named 2016 AWAI Copywriter of the Year and AWAI’s lead B2B expert — discussed:

  • The types of B2B videos in demand now
  • How to land a video script project
  • Tips for working on a video project

Steve also shared guidelines of what you can charge for these fun projects. You can play this informative video here.

Many Types of Videos Help B2B Marketers Target Millennial Decision Makers

B2B companies use videos in the marketing mix now more than ever. Steve began noticing an upward trend in video usage three or four years ago. Those B2B companies who aren’t yet using videos in their marketing want to be. There’s a big demand for online videos.

A key driver of B2B video usage is the increasing number of millennial generation managers in decision-making roles. B2B companies now need to develop marketing that works with those who grew up in the age of YouTube. B2B marketers now target this demographic.

The types of B2B videos you may encounter include:

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