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Stand Out with a Personal Brand

Stand Out with a Personal Brand

January 30, 2017 | By Mandy Marksteiner | 4 Comments

Stand Out from the Crowd with a Personal Brand SymbolWhen I met Kevin Rokosh at an AWAI networking event, he was wearing something that perfectly illustrated why his prospects should forget everyone else and hire him.

(HINT: I’m not talking about his bow tie, although that was nice, too.)

He was wearing an iron ring on the pinky finger of his left hand. In Canada, all engineers wear a ring like that. And according to Rokosh, there is a story behind it.

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  • Hi Mandy. That’s a really (really) great article.
    My symbol is a box of matches. And if you want to learn more, here’s my story…

    My niche market is industrial manufacturing. And my very first client was a family-owned boiler manufacturer. They’ve been in business here in my hometown for over a 100 years, and the CEO is a man in his 80’s. He still goes to work every day and has done so for the past 67 years (although his nephew now runs the business).

    When he first contacted me, the company had only a rudimentary website. They knew nothing about Google either. Because it was mid-winter here in Canada, it was cold, like -10 to – 20 Celsius. And as it turns out, it was their peak season. I guess this is because the burners in broken or near-broken boilers can’t be lit. But they hadn’t received a single call for a rental.

    It was right before Christmas, and they were worried they wouldn’t make payroll. If things didn’t change, It would be a lean Christmas for everyone. They put their faith in me to help them turn things around. They were old school and didn’t trust all this new-fangled web-stuff. Their bookkeeper even told me they were probably wasting their money. So the pressure was on me to deliver.

    Things worked out well, and the result was an 872% ROI in 6 weeks – over $20,000 in sales. The CEO is a man of few words, but he said to me, “Thanks. It was money well spent.” So my slogan now is “To Ignite Your Sales –”

    Note: I’ve had customized matchboxes made, and my facts are all 100% true. But I didn’t think of whole the story until I just read your article : ) Thanks!

  • Hi Derek,

    Thanks for the story! You should tell it when you introduce yourself.

    (I’m jealous, because I haven’t thought of my own story yet.)


  • Hi Mandy,

    I loved this article too! And it got me thinking. Everybody has a story, and all stories are unique to the individual. I have had the opportunity to relate parts of my life’s story at times and in different settings but I’ve never had a personal brand with me when I did tell my story. Thanks for the advise. I’ll write to you later on how things are working out. This is my first comment to anyone on this subject and I’m grateful that I can share this with you

    Kindest Regards,


  • Mandy, thanks much for the article. It’s helped me discover exactly what it means to have a brand. and I’ve been struggling with that. Barbara Estes

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