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The Best Time for a Start-Up to Start Marketing

The Best Time for a Start-Up to Start Marketing

January 2, 2017 | By Mandy Marksteiner | No Comments

The Best Time for a Start-Up Company to Start Marketing“We’re not ready to start marketing yet.”

I enjoy working with entrepreneurs, but this is the one thing they say that just drives me nuts.

Start-up founders say it all the time, and I’m (mostly) certain they’re not just trying to blow me off. They say they’re “not ready” because they have to do something important and completely left-brained, like finish their business plan and complete their financials, before they ever want to start marketing.

The trouble is that they put off the marketing for so long that when they’re finally ready, they may have already set themselves up for failure. I’ve seen companies invest so much into their product, only to fail at explaining it to others in an interesting and meaningful way.

Things would go smoother if they brought in a copywriter earlier.

My biggest problem is that I am failing, too. I’m constantly failing to explain to entrepreneurs why they need me sooner rather than later. I needed some advice.

So I brought my dilemma to Master Copywriter Marcella Allison, who gave me some valuable insights that can help early stage companies.

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