Business Essentials: Economics and Finance

Business Essentials: Economics and Finance

February 19, 2017 | By Nancy Ross Brewer | No Comments

Business Essentials: Economics and FinanceWelcome back to the Business Essentials Roadmap.

In Module 1, we covered three subjects at the heart of every business: Business Ethics — Strategy — Management and Leadership.

Next, in Module 2, we extended the business strategy, through Marketing and Sales.

Module 3 on Operations Management (OM) helped us determine “How do we do it?” and “How do we do it better?”

Here in Module 4, we’ll make a down payment on the financial side of business: Economics and Finance. (Accounting will be the topic of Module 5, to complete the financial trifecta.)

A brief Economics discussion will get us in the right frame of mind. The basics of Finance will help us understand how businesses make and manage money.

Let’s look at the key concepts and vocabulary of Economics and Finance to help you on your way to B2B copywriting success!

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