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Executive Summary: B2B Websites

Executive Summary: B2B Websites

February 6, 2017 | By Nancy Ross Brewer | No Comments

Executive Summary: Today’s Hot Opportunity – B2B WebsitesThere are hundreds of thousands of B2B websites for companies large and small. Most of them fail to accomplish their purpose — attracting quality prospects and moving them down the marketing funnel.

Dianna Huff of Huff Industrial Marketing — a B2B website and marketing expert — joined us to talk about the opportunity for copywriters to help B2B companies update their outdated and ineffective websites.

During the teleconference, Dianna discussed how you can help your B2B clients create an effective website that builds trust, authority, and reputation. On the call, Dianna revealed:

  • What mistakes B2B companies make on their websites
  • What you must get right to create an effective website
  • How to get hired for a B2B website project
  • What you can charge to update a website
  • And much more!

Charlotte Hicks Crockett introduced Dianna. You can play this lively, informative teleconference here.

Dianna Draws From Over 20 Years of Marketing Know-How

Dianna’s a marketing strategist and consultant whose expertise includes marketing communications, PR, copywriting, SEO, and digital marketing (including being a Google Analytics Certified Professional).

In recent years, Dianna refocused her business on helping small family-owned industrial manufacturers grow through marketing.

B2B Writing Success members recognize Dianna as the creator of AWAI’s B2B website copywriting program, B2B Websites: Developing Content that Builds Authority and Generates Leads, Too.

Dianna has earned multiple awards for her work. She’s contributed to publications that include Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, Content Marketing Institute, and Gardner Media’s Manufacturing Marketing newsletter and blog.

If that’s not enough, Dianna is also the co-author — with KoMarketing — of the 2015 B2B Website Usability Report as well as 101 Ways to Market Your Website with Rachel Cunliffe of Cre8d Design.

Dianna also finds time to remain an avid cyclist. In 2016, she did a three-day ride that crossed New Hampshire from the Canadian border to the southeast coast. Even more impressive, Dianna plans to ride across the United States in 2018. Whew!

Great Things Resulted From Taking a Breather to Consolidate Experience and Refocus

One inspirational aspect of her professional history is how Dianna has learned and changed with the times. She began her career as a B2B copywriter. When the Internet came along and affected marketing, she changed with it and learned online marketing, SEO, blogging, and social media.

Another inspirational moment occurs when you hear Dianna talk about getting burned out, and having a “total transformation.” She took time off to think about what she really wanted to do — what she really likes to do — and where she wants to go professionally.

The result was rebranding herself as Huff Industrial Marketing. Proof positive that what we hear from B2B experts is true: Decisions you make early in your copywriting career don’t have to be forever. As you gain experience, you can change your focus and try new things.

In Dianna’s case, as Huff Industrial Marketing, she focuses primarily on two things:

  • Dianna collaborates with Rachel Cunliffe, a WordPress designer in New Zealand, to create custom websites that “tell the unique stories of the companies we work with.” Rachel and her brother do the technical work and Dianna does the messaging strategy, copywriting, SEO, data driven marketing, and project management.
  • In addition, Dianna has created what she calls an “annual marketing consulting program.” Companies sign up — Dianna creates a marketing strategy for them — they either implement the strategy themselves or hire Dianna to do it. She provides monthly reports on results, a quarterly meeting, and a quarterly report. Dianna also offers add-on modules and what she calls “Marketing A-La-Carte” (doing PR, SEO, AdWords, or whatever they need to help them stay on track with their marketing).

Dianna is enjoying the heck out of the changes. She said, “It’s really nice that I was able to pull in all the stuff I’d done over all these years.” Becoming Google Analytics Certified opened up a whole new way of seeing things. “I feel like someone just put rocket fuel in me!”

There’s Tons of Opportunity Creating and Updating B2B Websites. Many Websites Just Aren’t Working!

What Dianna hears most often today from companies who need help with their websites is, “We’re not getting any inquiries.” There could be many reasons for that — even a newly designed website may not be working well.

As Dianna said, “Just because a company has redesigned a website doesn’t mean it’s working!” You have to market a website, not just build it.

Here’s what a B2B website needs to nail:

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