Business Essentials: Current Trends

Business Essentials: Current Trends

March 26, 2017 | By Nancy Ross Brewer | 2 Comments

Business Essentials: Current TrendsWelcome back for Module 9 of the Business Essentials Roadmap. In this final module, we’ll explore business trends likely to dominate the environment this year and beyond.

Through this Business Essentials Roadmap, we’ve addressed 12 major business disciplines. For each, we considered the scope and essential concepts. We’ve reviewed:

We reviewed key vocabulary — relevance by company size — and how you might leverage this practical business knowledge.

Are you feeling brainier? Maybe a little more confident?

After all, if you stuck around this long, you must be serious about pursuing B2B copywriting success. Having a little extra business knowledge might help you deliver your best work.

This outing, we’re not going into a specific business discipline or textbook subject. We’re finished with the academic side of things.

Instead, we’ll look at what’s happening “out there in business.” Whether you’re a trendy sort or not, it pays to stay abreast of what affects the environment in which your clients operate.

So let’s Ready — Set — Go one more time!

A Triad Dominates Current Business Trends

This triad’s a threesome of ideas that seems to dominate current business trends.

After reviewing numerous lists describing “current trends in X,” both online and in business publications, the plan was to include trends for each business discipline.

Starting with Ethics… and working our way forward to current trends in Business Law seemed a good plan. But a funny thing happened on the way: copious consistency!

It became obvious that no matter the business topic, three ideas are dominating the business environment today:

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