Business Essentials: Human Resources

Business Essentials: Human Resources

March 5, 2017 | By Nancy Ross Brewer | No Comments

Business Essentials: Human ResourcesWelcome back for Module 6 of the Business Essentials Roadmap.

Over the last several modules, we’ve explored nine major business disciplines. We considered scope and essential concepts of each.

So far, we’ve addressed:

In each module, we reviewed key vocabulary — relevance by company size — and tips for leveraging the practical business knowledge in your freelance copywriting business.

Last time, we finished reviewing the “numbers-oriented” business disciplines. This new module takes us once again into softer, “fluffy” territory — which may be a welcome relief!

Fluffy or not, companies can’t function without the right people. Workers’ hard and soft skills keep companies running — and moving forward. They make or break company success.

One department is especially responsible for locating the right skills in the marketplace. They’re also key advisors on organizing the troops and keeping them focused, happy, and productive.

For this Module 6, let’s look at Human Resources — Organizational Behavior — and Organizational Change.

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