Business Essentials: Information Technology

Business Essentials: Information Technology

March 13, 2017 | By Nancy Ross Brewer | No Comments

Business Essentials: Information TechnologyWelcome back for Module 7 of the Business Essentials Roadmap. Over the last several weeks, we addressed 10 major business disciplines. So far, we’ve looked at:

In each module, we considered the scope and essential concepts of the business discipline.

We reviewed key vocabulary — relevance by company size — and how you might leverage this practical business knowledge in your freelance copywriting business.

This week’s module takes us into technical territory!

Many B2B copywriters have worked in Information Technology (IT) — perhaps in software development or hardware sales — and may have selected a technology sector copywriting niche.

Some are more technically current than I am.

But that’s okay… we’re not going to discuss bits and bytes. Instead, let’s look at Information Technology as a business discipline with unique management challenges and opportunities.

For companies of any size — in any industry — planning for and managing the IT resource is paramount to success.

Let’s look at a dynamic, vital discipline: Information Technology.

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