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Executive Summary: How to Be a Profit Accelerator

Executive Summary: How to Be a Profit Accelerator

March 13, 2017 | By Nancy Ross Brewer | No Comments

Executive Summary: How to Be a Profit Accelerator In this video interview, Joshua Boswell explains the difference between being a copywriter and a “profit accelerator” — which offers the opportunity for much higher income.

Joshua is well-known to B2B Writing Success members and other AWAI folks. If you’ve attended FastTrack to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair — a Web Intensive — or one of Joshua’s Launch Your Writer’s Life in a Day tour events, then you know of his generosity and enthusiasm.

One can’t meet Joshua and hear him speak without learning something new and feeling incredibly motivated!

On this video, you’ll hear Joshua share:

  • Why copywriting doesn’t happen in a vacuum
  • What it means to “salt the oats”
  • Why you should use a discovery process (not a creative brief)
  • The big benefit when you’re a profit accelerator
  • What steps to take so you can enjoy a much higher income

Charlotte Hicks Crockett introduced Joshua. You can play the short, inspiring, and informative video here. As always, listening to Joshua will motivate copywriters to achieve their highest success.

Copywriting Doesn’t Happen in a Vacuum

Most copywriters focus only on the writing part. They’ll learn a bunch of stuff, hang out a shingle, and start building a copywriting business.

Their efforts look something like this:

  • Take some programs and read to learn about copywriting
  • Figure out how to self-market services to land a client
  • Then, learn what the client wants for a specific project
  • Figure out how to do the project (another program?)
  • Do a good job, turn it in on time, and send an invoice
  • Get paid, and
  • Move on to the next project

Joshua learned about seven years ago (when he was busy following these steps, being a successful copywriter, and growing his business): Copywriting is only one piece in a larger puzzle.

He attended a consulting and coaching conference with 300 people — most of whom were consultants and business developers.

Over the course of several days, as he listened to the conference guru, the consultants, and business developers discuss how the sales process works, he “had a major epiphany.” He realized…

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