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The First Step Toward B2B Copywriting Success

The First Step Toward B2B Copywriting Success

March 9, 2017 | By Howard Linder | 1 Comment

The First Step Toward B2B Copywriting SuccessWhat is a dream? Why is it important? Or even, imperative?

Nothing is accomplished without a dream. It is the dreamer who changes life.

A dream can keep us going when discouragement or despair sets in, but it needs to be strong, overwhelming, or even indestructible.

A dream is a glimpse of what the future could be.

A dream points the direction.

Without a dream, we will never progress, never develop new skills, never strike out into our unknown.

To illustrate, let me introduce you to an extraordinary young woman with a dream…

Her name is Laura Rees. Laura graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in psychology. She worked for a few years as a human resources administrator, but she was dissatisfied.

An avid reader, she came across a book titled The Well-Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman. That book ignited a dream in Laura. She dreamed of being her own boss, of more opportunity, of more freedom, and better income. She studied copywriting for a year on her own. She quit her job, and became a full-time freelance copywriter. She had a second child, which intensified her motivation.

Laura did very well for about a year or so, working with several smaller businesses and one or two major clients, but then the 2009 recession hit and her business dropped significantly. She came close to starving. But, contrary to what many people would have done, she went into hyper drive. She mailed out 250 letters to prospective clients. It was hard! But, she kept at her dream!

Only one company, a national branding/marketing firm responded. She was asked to come in for an afternoon assignment, and two weeks later, they offered her a full-time position with their company.

Now six years later, she is Director of Brand and Marketing for Cyanna Education Services, a national firm. Laura is doing well and may even be a little too busy! The lean times were difficult, testing her dream, but she held on to it. She now works from home, is more available for family, does some travelling for major presentations, but in essence, has achieved her dream.

It never would have happened without a dream. A dream Laura kept always in front of her mind, despite the difficulties.

This is the kind of dream we need. One that survives 249 rejections and continues on.

But how do you achieve a dream like Laura did?

It depends on you. What do you want? Are you truly committed to achieving your dream?

Despite your fear, would you leave your comfort zone and try something you don’t know how to do?

Nobody knows everything, and everybody starts out knowing nothing! All of us, from the best to the worst, fall into that same category. If someone rejects or ignores you, remember that they once knew nothing also.

Second, we must recognize that the dream exists. When Laura read The Well-Fed Writer, she suddenly saw a whole new world that could be hers if she were a freelance copywriter. While she immediately understood this new vision, not everyone may get it that quickly.

You have to believe in yourself and your abilities. You need to realize that you can do more than you have done. How do you know what talents you have or can learn if you’ve never tried?

It comes down to “just do it”! Remember Star Wars? Yoda’s advice to Luke Skywalker? “Do or do not. There is no try.”

There are many types of dreams leading to many things. Mine is to become a successful B2B writer (helping companies sell to other companies).

I know I can achieve my goal, because I have a dream I’m willing to work toward.

If you follow your dream to be a B2B copywriter, you can be successful too.

Seize your dream today!


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One Comment

  • This article showed up at the perfect time! I feel like I started the new year with momentum and determination. But, as so often happens, momentum slowed and doubts returned. These two lines particularly resonated:
    “A dream is a glimpse of what the future could be.
    A dream points the direction.”
    And I would add that AWAI has so many resources and helpful people that if you are determined to achieve the writer’s life, they can help turn your dreams into reality. I am working to seize my dream this year!

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