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Reality Blog: Copywriting Success and Happiness

Reality Blog: Copywriting Success and Happiness

April 19, 2017 | By Steve Maurer | 6 Comments

Reality Blog: Will Freelance Copywriting Success Make You Happy?I got into this business for a reason. I wanted to achieve freelance copywriting success because I heard you could make a good income writing B2B copy and content.

I needed to make a good income.

It seemed to take a long time before I made any real money at it. I had skills. I had goals. And I finally had dreams that seemed attainable.

But, something was missing, holding me back.

Before I tell you what that was, I want to ask you some questions. Actually, I want you to complete these sentences.

  • I’ll be happy with my freelance writing business when _____.
  • I’ll be happy when I make _____.
  • In my business, I define happiness as _____.

Now, finishing these sentences is important. Don’t just pop in an answer and move on. In fact, get out a pencil and paper right now and take five minutes to complete this exercise.

Yeah, right now.

Don’t worry, I’ll wait until you’re done. I won’t start without you!

How did you complete the first one? Maybe, I’ll be happy with my freelance writing business when I leave my job and go full-time. Or maybe, when I get my first client!

What about the second one? How much money did you put down? Was it $50,000, or $75,000, or maybe the always popular “six-figure income?”

The last one is tricky. Sometimes, it can be hard to define happiness in a business setting. I gave it the old college try and finally came up with something.

But recently, I listened to a training session on business building. And then, I bought a book that was mentioned in the program and started reading it.

Suddenly, my world was shaken up. I thought I knew the answers. And, I was happy with the progress I was experiencing up until then.

Now, I wasn’t so sure of myself.

It appeared I’d gotten the cart before the horse and that blew my mind.

I started experimenting with the idea and have already experienced real changes on many levels, business included.

Here’s what I discovered.

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  • So an extension to what you just said..”.Happiness Creates Success”… gets really powerful when you marry it with the fact that Success begins at the beginning of the journey.

    The only thing left is to decide on the journey.

    While writing this, I just realized that I know what mine is and in pretty much detail what it looks like.

    For the first time, I answered the question about how much money with a concept instead of a number.

    I’m actually getting tears about it. Well, Just 2. So don’t get too excited about it!

  • Great stuff Steve. I’m a great believer in “happiness is a state of mind”. I’ll quote you in my newsletter (with appropriate credit) next week. If you send me your email address. I’ll send you a copy of the letter, and maybe you’d like to receive it regularly. You can let me know.

    John Stevens

  • Happiness comes from progress. And consistent progress leads to success. 🙂 Steve Slaunwhite’s B2B writing success podcast entitled ”Measure your goals Backward” really helped change how I look at goals and progress. In essence, it is best to focus on looking backward to celebrate and focus on the progress that you have made towards your goals instead of looking forward and focusing on how far you are from your goals. I highly recommend listening to that 16 minute podcast!

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