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Reality Blog: My Big Why for Copywriting Success

Reality Blog: My Big Why for Copywriting Success

May 10, 2017 | By Steve Maurer | 4 Comments

Reality Blog: My Big Why for Copywriting Success

We all want to achieve freelance success, right? But, it’s important to understand how our success affects other people in our lives.

Even the little ones.

Last Thursday, I called Mary from work. Just checking to see how her day was going. With a little chuckle, she told me I made my granddaughter cry. Now, before you think I’m some kind of heartless monster, let me explain…

Lillie is my oldest granddaughter and she’s five years old. We’ve been doing a lot of little things together lately.

Well, little to me… but, it appears as though they’re very big things to her.

For example, I take her to the bank with me. She gets to push the big button that opens the doors. She chats with the tellers and talks them out of a lollipop or two.

This year, we’re planting the garden again after a two-year hiatus. So, I cleared out a garden box, just for her. She and I planted marigolds to attract the bees that pollinate the veggies. They’re her bee flowers now!

So we’re having fun and getting very close.

Now, I imagine you have a confused look on your face. You’re probably thinking, “What’s this got to do with making Lillie cry? And what in the world does it have to do with freelance success?”

Well, it all started last week when I went to the store to buy shaving cream and razor blades. I always look around, particularly at the computer stuff and the “As Seen on TV” rack.

Didn’t see anything I couldn’t live without, so I headed for the checkout counter.

But then, passing an end cap, I spotted it…

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  • Lovely article, Steve, and gets to the heart of why living the writer’s life is such an important goal!

    • Thank you, Donna, my dear friend!
      Boot Camp this year again?
      Hope to see you there.
      Mary’s coming with me this time. 🙂

  • Another touching story from a great story teller. Thank you Steve!
    To be very honest with you, I’m hooked up with the “Reality Blog” waiting for your next post. You do know, I hope, how much your sincerely written pieces help and inspire people.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Evgeniy, thank you so much for your kind words! Much appreciated and I’m so glad you’re finding them useful.

      Make it happen, my friend! You can do it.
      Perhaps someday we’ll meet in person.

      Have a most excellent day!

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