Three Tips for Cold-Calling Consultations

Three Tips for Cold-Calling Consultations

May 8, 2017 | By Mandy Marksteiner | No Comments

Three Tips for Cold-Calling ConsultationsMost people who shy away from cold-calling wind up being terrible at it.

Kathy Daly-Unfricht is a B2B Copywriter who has developed amazing phone skills over the course of her career. She has used cold-calling to not only reach out to high-quality clients, but she has also included it in her suite of services.

She said, “People are afraid to get on the phone and talk to other people, and I’ve never been like that because I did face-to-face sales for 25 years.”

Kathy’s marketing website focuses on web content. She sees the connection between cold-calls and web marketing and can explain it well.

About a year ago, she was able to easily land four clients at a seminar for entrepreneurs. She was in the hallway talking to a couple of business owners. They were complaining that they couldn’t find anyone who knew how to do good phone work. Kathy said that she loves to do cold-calls, write call scripts, and devise phone strategies.

She got their attention by saying she actually enjoyed it, but they still had questions. They especially wanted to know what kinds of people she has cold-called.

Up until 2008, she worked for an enterprise B2B company called Insight. Kathy gave them the list of people she worked with at Insight, and they said, “Those are our people.”

Two of the companies she met hired her to do the phone work, figure out the call scripts, and devise a training exercise for their new salespeople.

The other two companies wanted her to do calls, eventually, but they weren’t ready to do active launches because their products weren’t fully developed. They didn’t have their sales funnels developed far enough. So she is working with them to build their email lists and get their products in a better place to launch.

For Kathy, phone work and cold-calling consultation dovetails perfectly with copywriting.

It also opens the door to opportunities. And since Kathy has so many skills that revolve around selling, marketing, and copywriting, she is completely confident and usually starts by pointing them in the right direction.

“I can do any and all of it,” she said. But her greatest skill is making sure the pieces fit together, so when the salespeople start to use the phones, everything will go smoothly.

When she does cold-calling, she asks three questions:

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