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6 Ways to Attract Prospects to Your Website

6 Ways to Attract Prospects to Your Website

July 3, 2017 | By Mandy Marksteiner | No Comments

6 Ways to Attract Prospects to Your Freelance WebsiteBuilding a website can be one of the biggest obstacles to starting an online business of any kind. B2B copywriters struggle with this, too.

That’s why I wanted to share Sean Kaye’s website, The Casual Marketer. By offering his readers several ways of entering the website, engaging with him, and becoming his customer, he grew his business from $0 to $100K in less than a year. (His main business is selling printed newsletters for $49 per month.)

In this article, I will walk you through the ways people become his customers, show what worked, how he planned it, and add some technical information about how he collects money and email addresses. Some of the ideas might be useful to you.

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