A Copywriting Checklist to Make Your Copy Soar

A Copywriting Checklist to Make Your Copy Soar

July 10, 2017 | By Robin Rees | No Comments

CREATE: A Copywriting Checklist to Make Your Copy SoarQuick, when was the last time you saw an ad for a ballpoint pen or some other writing tool and absolutely, positively HAD to go buy it as a result? Chances are, never. A pen is a commodity (for the most part), so price is the major consideration.

Now imagine another tool — a more expensive one, such as a network test and performance management product. For an IT director, it’s a necessary purchase, but from what supplier? All those network performance tools basically do the same thing, right? Or so goes the thinking for many B2B buyers.

And that’s a challenge for B2B copywriters. How do you strike the right balance between providing information the buyer needs to justify the purchase and that extra “something” that compels the buyer to purchase from your client, even if their product costs more?

Simply evaluate your copy against this six-step checklist to refine your message, add the proof, and entice even the toughest B2B buyer to ask for more information.

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