Customize Your WordPress Website

Customize Your WordPress Website

July 24, 2017 | By Julia Borgini | No Comments

Many freelance writers use WordPress to manage their websites. WordPress is a great Content Management System that lets you expand the functionality of your website beyond just a simple site and/or blog.

The developers also included a handy management tool you may not know about. It lets you customize the way you work in WordPress and how some of the features work. They’re the Admin Screen Options and they’re available on every screen on your website.

Customize Your WordPress Website
                                      Admin Screen Options on the Main Dashboard Page of WordPress

Discovering the importance of Admin Screen Options

A number of years ago, I upgraded my freelance website to the latest version of WordPress. Once I verified that all was well, I opened up the Posts page to write a new post for my blog. Except what I saw wasn’t what I was expecting. A couple of modules/tools I normally used weren’t being displayed. One was controlled by a plugin that was enabled, so the module should have been there.

I searched on Google, looked through the WordPress Codex, and was generally mystified until I read a passing mention of the Admin Screen Options (they were just called Screen Options then). Turns out that some functionality of WordPress is controlled through these Options and the latest update changed a setting in the background for me that disabled the module I was expecting to see.

Once I realized the menus existed, I started looking around in each screen in WordPress and was amazed at what I could control.

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