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Reality Blog: Why I Hired a Business Coach

Reality Blog: Why I Hired a Business Coach

July 26, 2017 | By Steve Maurer | No Comments

Reality Blog: Why I Hired a Copywriting Business CoachIn 2010, I started writing for money in the content mills. I already had a full-time job and this was moonlighting to make extra cash.

I was a decent writer and the work was fairly easy. But, the pay was pretty low for the enormous number of hours spent. Honestly, I probably could’ve made more money with a monthly yard sale!

I didn’t need a business coach to tell me something had to change…. and soon.

In 2012, things came to a head. I was exhausted from working long hours for measly nickels and dimes.

Writing still seemed an effective way to make extra money.

Just not this kind of writing.

That year, I found American Writers & Artists Inc. (AWAI), and bought some copywriting programs. After learning how to write sales copy and content marketing, my circumstances improved.

By the end of 2013, my writing income had doubled from what I’d made in the “mills.” It continued to double for the next two years.

In October 2016, I attended my third AWAI Copywriting Bootcamp. I was having another banner year. But, I noticed something.

While I’ve earned significantly more money each year, it felt like I was starting to plateau.

My goal had switched from making extra cash into leaving my job and writing full time. If my business stalled now, that might not happen.

At Bootcamp, I reached an important conclusion.

This time, I did need a business coach to explain what I had to change.

The question was… How do I find one?


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