B2B Copy Critiques

B2B Copy Critiques

August 22, 2017 | By Charlotte S Hicks | 4 Comments

Date: August 28 2017
Time: 12:00 noon Eastern Time
Topic: B2B Copy Critiques
Presenter: Charlotte Crockett

You’ve written your first draft and completed your proofreading. What’s next?

How can you turn a good piece of copywriting into a great piece?

In this webinar, we’ll look at several copy samples and go through them, making the tweaks to make them even more effective.

Submissions for the event may be emailed to: Editor@B2BWritingSuccess.com until Friday, August 25. (Don’t worry – these will be kind critiques. No thick skin needed!)

You’ll also get tips so you can polish your copy so it shines like a diamond!

I’ll “see” you on August 28.

The replay is posted below:

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  • Hello Charlotte,
    I would like to listen or connect to the Monday B2B copy critique but will be running from gate to gate at the Denver airport at that very hour. I will try to listen on my cell phone.
    Will this critique be recorded for later viewing or will a transcript be available?
    I am finally getting connected to the B2B website after becoming a widow. So much stuff to handle.
    I am now working on the B2B programs.
    Patricia Thoresen

    • Yes, the reply will be posted as soon as the recording is available – usually 1-2 days.

      Safe travels!

  • Hi!

    I enjoyed your presentation very much.

    Can you elaborate a little more about how to address the Led-Gen email recipient when you don’t know their names…as you did with my submission?

    I thought a lot about that when writing it.

    Thanks again for your input. It offered me some great ideas for future email writing.

    Charlie Tisserand

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