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Reality Blog: Decluttering Your Home Office

Reality Blog: Decluttering Your Home Office

August 23, 2017 | By Steve Maurer | 2 Comments

Reality Blog: Decluttering Your Home OfficeYears ago, I was a neat and tidy guy. As the old saying goes: A place for everything and everything in its place!

A home office must be organized, right?

I couldn’t stand for anything to be out of place. It would drive me nuts to see stuff strewn about. Not just in my office… oh, no! And not just in the house.

From my truck to my tool shed — everything had a designated place.

After all, without organization, chaos reigns.

When we renovated the old carport in 2007, I finally got a real home office. Everything moved from the dining room down to my “man cave.” It was blissful!

That 9×9 home office was where Steve Maurer Freelance Writing took shape in the fall of 2010. Up to that point, I used it to repair computers, and worked on my computer software and hardware website.

Parts were stored carefully on the shelves and there was plenty of room to work.

When I wrote for peanuts in the content mills, there still wasn’t much of a mess. But, in October of 2012, that started to change.

In the summer of that year, I took my first copywriting program from AWAI. Web Copywriting 2.0 introduced me to the wonderful (and more lucrative) world of copywriting.

In October, I joined the Circle of Success. COS allowed me to expand my copywriting training, and soon there were books everywhere.

Admittedly, I was a paper freak. All the programs were distributed as PDFs or videos. I printed out all the documents anyway and kept them in three-ring binders.

Computer parts were relegated to boxes on the floor as my new training gems were proudly displayed in my bookcase.

More clutter accumulated as time went by.

A lot more.

One morning, I found myself in a panic, unable to get motivated.

Restless, I just couldn’t put my finger on the problem. So, dejected, I slumped in my desk chair. Leaning my head against the back, I peered over at the window.

Glancing around the room, the reason for my writer’s block surfaced.

A frustrated little guy was clamoring for attention.

And… he would NOT be denied.


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  • Years ago I moved into a house with a small studio apartment in the front. I planned to use that apartment for my acupuncture practice and started working on renovating it, then I stalled out. It took a couple of weeks, but I finally figured out that I needed a clearly defined work/life boundary. It took the form of a fence between the front of the house and the rest of the house, a clear indicator to me, my children & my patients of where the office space began and ended. Once the fence went up, I went back to working.

  • I like things neat and tidy . . . but somehow can’t manage to keep them that way, especially when I get busy. Wish the desk-organizing magic fairy would come by every night and sort everything out for me.

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