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7 Tips for an In-Person Meeting with a Client

7 Tips for an In-Person Meeting with a Client

September 4, 2017 | By Candice Lazar | No Comments

7 Ways to Impress Your Client at an In-Person Meeting Life as a writer definitely has its perks. You can work from anywhere. You get to decide who you want to work with, what your schedule is, and how much you make.

Many would add another benefit to this list: that you can conduct business solely with a phone, and a computer with Internet access (and some would argue that even the phone isn’t necessary). It’s likely that you’ll develop strong relationships with at least some of your clients without ever meeting them in person.

But… what happens if a client wants to see you?

Even if it feels nerve-wracking, say yes. Meeting them in person is an opportunity to develop the relationship further than would probably happen otherwise. They’re giving you the chance to make a great impression in person and show them that they’ve made the right choice in working with you.

Here are a few pointers to help ensure your appointment goes smoothly.

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