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How to Disable WordPress Trackbacks and Pings

How to Disable WordPress Trackbacks and Pings

September 25, 2017 | By Julia Borgini | No Comments

How to Disable Trackbacks and Pings on Existing WordPress PostsIf you’ve had your WordPress site for a while and have been posting to your blog regularly, you’ve probably got quite a collection of comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks to it.

Wait… what? Trackback or pingback, what are those?

Simply put, a trackback or pingback is a way for websites and blogs to notify each other that they’ve linked to a post on each other’s site. Trackbacks are manually done, while pingbacks are automatic if that setting is turned on in your website.

Spammers like to use them to send trackbacks from their spam website to yours, so in this article you’ll learn how to disable trackbacks and pingbacks on your existing WordPress posts.

Why disable trackbacks and pingbacks in WordPress?

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