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How to Add an Author Box to Your WordPress Site

How to Add an Author Box to Your WordPress Site

October 23, 2017 | By Julia Borgini | No Comments


Have you noticed other blogs and websites with author boxes at the end of each post? Looks pretty professional, doesn’t it?

An author box is another way to show who’s behind your site, as well as give you another way to engage with your readers. So, do you want to add an author box to your WordPress site?

(By the way, that’s my author box from my own blog, where I talk about the value I bring to my clients and where they can go for more information.)

Why You Need an Author Box on Your Blog

Seeing an actual person behind the content helps build credibility and strengthens your site’s authority among users.

Most “experts” will say that a single-author site can get by with just an About Me page and that only multi-author site needs author boxes, but I’d argue that every site could use them.

You never know how a reader comes to your site and how long they’ll spend on it, so it only makes sense to give them different opportunities to know more about you.

The author box provides another way for authors to interact with readers and build a brand. It provides an additional incentive for authors to build their own following. For single-author blogs, it’s an additional place to put a call-to-action for your readers to engage with, such as gaining more subscribers to your newsletter or social media channels.

How to Add an Author Box in WordPress

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