Reality Blog: Collecting Your Copywriting Fees

Reality Blog: Writing a Case Study ProposalI’ve had some interesting discussions lately with new freelance copywriters about pricing copywriting projects. Our topics ranged from how to make sure the client pays you to offering different payment options.

I totally understand their concerns. After all, I’m not writing for fun (although it usually is). And, I’m not writing because I’m bored, with nothing better to do with my time than sitting on the couch, flipping through TV channels.

Just thinking about having time to be bored made me smile. I’m pretty sure you’re a lot like me. If anything, there are innumerable things that beg for my attention.

There are a lot of chores begging to be done. And with winter coming soon (yikes!), getting everything winterized will soon be on the list.

The garden is done producing for the season. But, there’s stuff to be done there to get it ready for next season.

Nothing to do? I wish…

Add to my full-time job to the mix, and it’s easy to see that I’ve got plenty to do! Actually, it was because of my job that I started writing in the first place. Company changes several years ago cut my hours back… and my yearly income as well.

I enjoyed writing anyway, so why not turn it into a revenue source? Now, my first few years stopped short of being spectacular.

Way. Short.

But, my skills — both writing and business-building skills — matured. And, I did make up that income shortfall. This year, my writing income is four times what I’d lost from the pay cuts at work.

Like the insurance commercial says, “I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two.”

This article will explain some of what I’ve learned over the past six or so years about getting paid. I’ll give you my take on:

  1. Different payment methods
  2. How payment fees can be handled
  3. Best practices for ensuring payment

Let’s start with payment methods.

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