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B2B SEO: Avoid This Common Mistake

B2B SEO: Avoid This Common Mistake

December 18, 2017 | By Jan Davis | No Comments

B2B SEO: Avoid This Common Mistake

You’re the expert in your field. That’s right — you’ve become the go-to copywriter in your niche, because of your experience and knowledge. You are also your niche’s ideal customer and have been for years. You know the niche inside and out, but do you know every question people ask within your niche?

Do you still spend time on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) research? If you are shaking your head yes, good job and keep reading why it’s so important.

If you’re shrugging your shoulders thinking, no, you don’t need to do any SEO research — after all, you know about every gadget, buzz word, and verbiage in your niche — are you sure you see every angle of your niche and subject? Could you be wearing SEO blinders, because you are the expert in your field?

Before you decide there’s no benefit to completing any SEO research, I’d like you to think about this…

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