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14 Problems to Avoid with Your WordPress Site

14 Problems to Avoid with Your WordPress Site

January 22, 2018 | By Julia Borgini | No Comments

14 Problems to Avoid with Your WordPress SiteWordPress is used by over 29% of all websites in the world, with a nearly 60% market share. You may think that it’s mainly used by regular folks to power their blogs, but in fact, there are some pretty big names out there using it, like Bloomberg Professional, Variety, and the official Star Wars blog.

It’s a wonderful content management system for a website, however there are some mistakes you may make with it that could be damaging to your business.

For instance, WordPress has a very flexible nature. It’s one of the biggest reasons I love it. You can get it to do pretty much anything with free and paid plugins. But that very flexible nature means you can do some damage to your site yourself or even open it up to hackers who can do their own damage as well.

Here are 14 WordPress problems to avoid and keep your site in good working order.

1. Keeping the admin login

Log in to your WordPress site right now and replace the admin user with a different name. Yes, do it right now. If you’re like most WordPress users, you’ve left this alone, but it’s one of the first things hackers look for when trying to gain access to your site. By leaving the admin username there, you’ve done half the job for them! They only need to figure out your password and they’re in.

The Fix: Create a WordPress user with full permissions to your site, but that doesn’t have admin in the username. You can simply change the name of the admin account or create an entirely new one. Just don’t forget to delete the admin account if you do this! Go to Users > All Users in the sidebar.

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