Reality Blog: New Year’s Resolutions with a Plan

Reality Blog: New Year’s Resolutions with a PlanThings are going to be different this year. I’m going to work harder on my business than ever before. I’m going to make enough money to leave my job and go totally freelance.

I will lose weight… I will quit drinking, smoking, or whatever else holds me back. I will get in shape and run a marathon. This is the year I’ll…

You guessed it.

Tis the season for New Year’s Resolutions, and no doubt hundreds of thousands of them were made. When the ball dropped to signal the arrival of the New Year, I imagine cheers went up and glasses were raised all over the world… and heartfelt resolutions were voiced.

Now, it’s the third day of 2018…

And, you’ve got to wonder how many of those resolutions have already been broken or abandoned. And, by the end of the first week?

Or first month?

You may have surmised by now that I’m not an enthusiastic fan of resolutions. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve made a ton of them myself.

And… broken every one of them in short order.

I believe there are several things inherently wrong with resolutions. For one, many are spur of the moment declarations and haven’t been given much thought. The majority are too vague to be of much good.

Or, they may be so specific, yet unreasonable, that they cannot be done.

In my opinion, a far better way to handle the coming year is to take a few days to set specific goals, action plans, and rewards.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the process that will bring greater copywriting success in 2018:

  • Setting goals — specific targets with dates
  • Creating action plans — the steps you’ll take to achieve those goals
  • Giving appropriate rewards — once you’ve hit a goal, you need to celebrate
  • One final, often forgotten step

Ready to ring in this New Year with a bang?

Let’s get started…

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  1. Donna Kaluzniak says:

    Thanks for the inspirational post, with great steps to follow!

  2. Jim Walbridge says:

    Good solid stuff, Steve. Common sense is one thing…being able to formulate a logical plan of action using it is quite another. You are a writer… and much more. Thank you for some great insights!

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