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The Role of White Papers in Today’s B2B Marketing

The Role of White Papers in Today’s B2B Marketing

January 15, 2018 | By Gordon Graham | 4 Comments

Date: January 15 2017
Topic: The Role of White Papers in Today’s B2B Marketing
Presenter: Gordon Graham

Are white papers going away? Gordon Graham says absolutely not!

In this video interview, Gordon Graham gives us his insights on white papers and their future use as a marketing tool.

Gordon discusses:

  • The outlook for white papers as a marketing tool
  • The role of long copy in B2B marketing
  • How much research Gordon does for a typical white paper

Plus, Gordon reveals his strategy to avoid “hidden” reviewers.

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  • The video gives some insight to how the business world looks at the various forms of marketing and how they make their decision to which route to take.

  • Very useful and practical tips on writing white papers for different industries. Looking forward to applying these techniques with a real world client. Thanks Gordon

  • Very insightful interview…… With a Great answer to a Great Question……. I felt as though my mind was being probed…. Yes, getting bored with the same content is one of my Fears. However Gordon explained it “IF You Have The “Time” To “Research” and I do….. Stay Versatile….. So grateful for the insightful videos…

  • I would love to specialize in case studies and white papers. This video was very informative. I appreciate the info.

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