How to Choose and Work with B2B Influencers

How to Choose and Work with B2B Influencers

February 12, 2018 | By Candice Lazar | No Comments

How to Choose and Work with B2B InfluencersYou see it everywhere: actors and other celebrities as spokespeople for brands. Social media stars — people with lots of followers — partnering with companies to create a new product or product line. Even children making seven-figures or more by reviewing toys on YouTube!

It’s clear that influencer marketing is more popular than ever…

But it’s only useful for B2C marketing… Right?


Influencer marketing can be just as effective in the B2B realm, if it’s planned and done right. And it doesn’t have to be expensive like B2C is.

If your clients could benefit from adding this strategy to their marketing mix, here’s how to help them work with a B2B influencer.

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