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Reality Blog: A Common Writer’s Life Challenge

Reality Blog: A Common Writer’s Life Challenge

February 28, 2018 | By Steve Maurer | 1 Comment

Reality Blog: How to Keep the Freedom in Your Freelance Writer’s LifeIf you’ve been following this blog, you know I have a full-time job. And, that one of my goals is to leave that job and live the writer’s life.

What amazing freedom that will bring!

But in an article last year, I explained how you can live part of your writer’s life now, even when holding down a job. Key to charting your successful journey is to describe your idea of a writer’s life in detail.

If you’ll do that, you will soon find that many benefits arrive before you know it!

For example, helping out family members financially is one of my goals. And, I’ve already been able to do that on many occasions.

That is part of the writer’s life I’m enjoying right now.

And the bills are finally paid on time. Woo-hoo!

Not all benefits are financial, although the money helps in so many ways. Mary went with me to AWAI’s Copywriting Bootcamp last year. While she attended some of the events, and met many of my cool copywriting friends, there was something more.

We spent time alone with each other.

That’s something that doesn’t happen much around our busy house. And we’ve already decided she’s going again this year.

But this week, I got another taste of the writer’s life. A different side of it.

It was quite unexpected and I’m still wrapping my brain around it.

Normally, I’m at my job from Thursday through Sunday. Monday through Wednesday are dedicated to building my business.

But, this week it was different.

And it all started with a little cough…

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[Editor’s Note] Another option for residual income is to create your own Money-Making Website. For step-by-step guidance, check out Nick Usborne’s program, How to Write Your Own Money-Making Websites.

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  • Other income streams is also something to work on in the downtime of our businesses, Steve. Non-illness-related downtime, that is. =)

    This is something I’ve been doing this year, taking part of my down days to work on these other income streams. I’ve already launched one of them and am hard at work on the second one.

    Marketing + other income streams has been my mantra so far this year, whenever I have a down moment from regular work.

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