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Reality Blog: How I’m Being More Purposeful

Reality Blog: How I’m Being More Purposeful

March 21, 2018 | By Steve Maurer | No Comments

Interesting phrase — Living life on purpose. I thought I had a pretty good idea of what it meant. Turns out… there’s more to it than what I’d guessed.

A lot more.

My simplified version of the idea was that I needed focus on a goal. I had my goal to live the writer’s life.

But it really goes far beyond that modest concept. Don’t get me wrong… that’s a big part of it.

However, I’m finding that the idea also means that everything you do must be “on purpose” if you’re to achieve your goals. And that those tasks should encompass every aspect of life, not just business tasks.

In a very real sense, business and personal life interlace.

I’m not saying that spontaneity is wrong. It can be a good thing. But not everything you do should be spur-of-the-moment events.

If everything is done without purpose, chaos reigns.

Frankly, life’s been rather chaotic of late.

So, to bring things back under control — particularly my business — what was, and still is, needed is a way or method to lay out a better, more structured plan.

Areas to be brought into better focus? Several, including:

  • Work — my full-time job
  • Business — my writing business
  • Family — the reason I’m doing this in the first place
  • Personal — improving myself physically, mentally, and spiritually

Just looking at that list scares me. And right now, things are really building up in my business.

So, a little order is… well… in order.

Of course, a calendar/planner seemed a promising idea. I’ve used appointment calendars, more involved planners, even Post-it® notes. I’ve tried both offline physical schedulers and online programs.

All fell short at one point or another.

So, this past week, I searched in earnest for some type of scheduler that would help get my house in order. Something that would help in every aspect of my life. A planner that would allow me to take my business further without sacrificing everything else I hold dear and important.

And I found one…

Reality Blog: How I’m Being More Purposeful in My Business


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