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Reality Blog: Do I Really Want to be a B2B Copywriter?

Reality Blog: Do I Really Want to be a B2B Copywriter?

March 14, 2018 | By Steve Maurer | 2 Comments

Reality Blog: Do I Really Want to be a B2B Copywriter?Do I really want to be a B2B copywriter?

Have you ever asked yourself that question? Yeah… me too.

In fact, I’ve often asked myself if I really wanted to be a freelance copywriter, particularly a full-time one.

Sometimes it happens at the weirdest times!

Take today, for instance. Normally I’d ask if this is really what I wanted to do when work was slim pickings. When I wondered if I’d ever get another client.

Sounds reasonable, right?

But today, I’m sitting on a pile of work to get done. By the end of the week, I’ll invoice out several hundred dollars’ worth of work.

And in about 45 minutes, I’ve got a call scheduled with another potentially great client. So, why in the world would I doubt myself! Doesn’t make any sense, does it?

But… doubts crept in, nonetheless.

Not little doubts… big ones.

Not doubts about whether I could do this… I’ve shown myself I could.

Not doubts about whether I could write good copy and content… I can.

Not doubts about my copywriting training… I’ve gotten the best around.

Not even doubts about finding clients… many come to me because of my self-marketing. Not only that… I have people sending them to me!

So, if it’s not any of those common doubts — reservations that plague many new writers — then what exactly caused this dread today?

That’s a good question. And as I work this out on paper, so to speak, hopefully you know what to do if it happens to you. And, it likely will at some point.

If you’re still working a full-time job, like I am, it may hit you squarely between the eyes sooner or later.

The big doubt I often face?

Do I really want to be a full-time copywriter?

Do I really want this to be how I make my living… and build my future?

To get to the root of the problem, I had to do some deep digging. I needed to get down and dirty with my emotions and my reasons, and honestly work this thing out.

Here’s what I found…

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  • Thank you for the input. I”m new to all this copy writing business I am not sure where to start. I did realize there would be days when I need to shut myself in my room and meet deadlines. I had days like that when I was doing my associates degree online. I just need to figure out where step one is right now.

    Good luck in your success!

  • My biggest challenge, after getting my first client, is getting a support network. I’ve been operating without one for years – it’s no fun. I tried getting an online accountability partner, but after a couple of weeks, her FUD overwhelmed her, so I’m on my own again. To be honest, networking is not a strength of mine, so I really wonder how I’ll be able to establish a support system….

    Karen Lee

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