Reality Blog: B2B Copywriting Clients You Already Know

One thing every copywriter needs to succeed is clients.

Pretty simple, right?

Even though it sounds simple enough, getting them isn’t always easy. After talking to a lot of fellow copywriters, it appears to be the number one challenge.

Particularly for newbies.

I know it was for me. When I first started building my business, I was as green as grass.

After working on the job boards for so long, actually finding my own clients “out in the wild” seemed intimidating. But, I did find one or two… and then one or two more.

And during that process — and over the past few years — I’ve found ways that make the process easier.

Reality Blog: B2B Copywriting Clients in an Unexpected Place

So, I’d like to share a quick tip on getting clients. Maybe by sharing it with you, it will make your path to success a little shorter. For example, today I started the conversation with a new prospect who’s quite enthusiastic.

Her company’s in my niche or target market, and her products are right up my alley.

But the circumstances surrounding our meeting were somewhat unexpected. That said… it’s a circumstance I’ll keep in mind for future reference.

You can bet on that!

It’s brought new meaning to leveraging your network. In fact, had it not been for one of my current clients, we might not have ever met.

What makes it even more unique is that we had the chance to work together first.

And get this… while she didn’t pay me for the work, I still got paid!

For both of us, it was a “try it before you buy it” scenario.

Curious yet?

Read on to discover how it all came about…

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