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Success by Overcoming the Chasm of Broken Dreams

Success by Overcoming the Chasm of Broken Dreams

April 9, 2018 | By Ed Gandia | 2 Comments

Somewhere between intending to achieve copywriting success and actually achieving it lies a chasm.

This chasm is very real.

It’s the spot in your journey where you’ve run out of easy things to do. You’ve checked off all the basic tasks. And now you’re faced with real obstacles.

The stuff that will test your will and resolve.

Author Seth Godin calls it the “dip.”

There’s no escaping this dark chasm. Occasionally you end up crawling out of it faster than at other times.

Maybe because you’re better prepared. Or you came into it with more realistic expectations. Or you just got lucky.

But there’s no bypass. No shortcut. And no amount of positive thinking or daily affirmations will help you avoid it.

Launching your B2B copywriting business requires you to cross this chasm.

Overcome the Chasm of Broken Dreams for Copywriting Success

So does going after higher-paying clients…

Pivoting to a new type of writing (e.g., writing case studies)…

Changing your business model (e.g., moving to a retainer model)…

Creating and selling your first info product…

Or just doing something completely uncomfortable (e.g., volunteering for a key role in an industry association).

Basically, anything worth going after!

Why do so many copywriters lose hope and give up when they enter this chasm?

It’s dark. There are no road signs. No markers. So it’s easy to get lost.

We take a look at our to-do list and quickly get overwhelmed. Analysis paralysis takes over.

Everything seems too important! Where should I start? What if I’m not ready? What if I fail?

Fear and indecision quickly lead to doubt. Which creates fear. Which breeds more inaction. Which results in despair and hopelessness.

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to break this cycle. And it’s something you can do right now.

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About the Author

Ed Gandia

Ed Gandia is a successful B2B copywriter, business-building coach and strategist who helps freelancers earn more in less time doing work they love for better-paying clients. To download his free tips and resources visit

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  • Ed, this was a fantastic reminder. I desperately needed this right now! I had allowed myself to be overwhelmed at the prospect of developing my quarterly marketing action plan, but have taken that first step, and therefore, the first proverbial bite of the elephant. Thanks!

  • I enjoyed your article, Ed.

    It is so easy to get overwhelmed thinking about all that we have to do. I used to be in the habit of planning and making lists of all that I would need to do to accomplish a thing. Those lists sometimes got to be very long! Naturally, each morning as I looked over my to do list, I felt like I really had to get going. I had no time to relax! There was just soooooo much to get done.

    While I wasn’t discouraged or totally overwhelmed, I was certainly feeling the need to rush all the time. That’s not a good thing.

    Now, I make only a short list of must do items the night before. I like to make it short enough that I can easily get it done during the work day. I start with the most important and get it done. If I don’t get to something, that’s okay. I’ve used my time to do the one most important thing each day so I’m ahead! No more rushing and rushing.

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